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How to get your Employees to comply with your Social Media Policy

How to get your Employees to comply with your Social Media Policy
Today, more and more businesses are using social networking and media sites to handle a large part of their business. But it is very important for businesses to execute a social media strategy. This involves cultural alignment, building a solid process and training employees so that all the necessary parts of the organization can participate as well. A social organization is truly social when it is active internally as well as externally. And this is where it can get complicated.

Many of the major corporate PR blunders have occurred because of careless employees tweeting from corporate accounts. This is why it is very important to trust the person who you are putting in charge of voicing your brand. But what if the employees communicate from their own accounts?

If you restrict your employees from using their own accounts, they will complain that it is their personal account and they have the freedom to use it as they wish, especially if the employee concerned isn’t customer-facing. But remember that every employee’s account is the face of your company, especially if you are identified as their employer in their profile.

Here are some tips to get your employees to comply with your social media policy:
  1. Before getting started, it is important to first understand the culture of your organization and your employees’ usage of social tools. Understand what your organizations goals are and relate your social media goals with this.

  2. Train your employees and conduct regular workshops.

  3. Make a space like an internal blog, discussion group or wiki where your employees can find answers and ask questions.

  4. Highlight all the “Do’s” and “Don’ts” of your policy. Focus on all the positive behaviors and what people can do to driver their careers.

  5. Create a solid process. Make sure that each part of your organization is completely looped in. Find a good way to share information.

  6. All your employees will want to know what in it for them. Train them well in social media.