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Cyber-bullying leads to new levels of depression

Cyber-bullying leads to new levels of depression
In the days gone by, kids and teenagers used to have to tackle bullies in schools and colleges by enduring taunts and being pushed about. But kids could escape this nightmare after school; in the warm comfort of their homes. Not anymore!

Bullying has reached new levels and has grown beyond school playgrounds. Bullying is now reaching our homes. Even in the safety of their bedrooms, kids are no longer free of the threats and taunts that cruel bullies like to dish out. And this has been made possible through social networking sites and online gaming sites.

Cyber-bullying is latest way to be mean online and harangue other kids and teens your own age. From cell phones and computers to social networking sites, cyber-bullies use any medium to harass, threaten or humiliate people. Apart from making people absolutely miserable, cyber-bullies can hide behind their anonymity and don’t really have to face their victims. Yet, the impact is just as traumatic, as sending messages through social networking sites can spread quickly.

The Internet takes bullying to a whole new level and online bullies don’t give other students a chance to heal or to move on because there is always a chance that a harassing email can be forwarded to thousands of other people just for kicks. Since teenagers spend most of their time online, this can be very devastating to them and can lead to new levels of depression, and in some cases, suicidal tendencies.