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Social Media Sneakers: Are they the new Fashion Trend

Social Media Sneakers: Are they the new Fashion Trend
Has your love for social media finally become a fashion trend? Brass Monki, fashion shoe designer, typically displays everything on his custom shoes – from Mario to Bob Marley. But his latest fashion collection includes bringing the best of social media to your shoes!

The latest social media Nike shoes have hit the fashion scene – and how! Now with these shoes, you can prove to your competitors that you’re not only a great player, but you also spend hour’s online networking and tweeting. What’s more, they’ll probably think that you spend hours tweeting about your every dribble and dunk.

Adidas has also sparked rumors by releasing their own line of Twitter and Facebook sneakers. Keeping with the latest in terms of fashion trends, pretty soon there will be Friendster jackets and MySpace hoodies that will be doing their rounds!

Talk about the popularity of social networking!