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Facebook tries new Ad Format

Facebook tries new Ad Format
In a bid to ramp up its revenue increasing efforts, social networking giant, Facebook is testing out a new ad format that would essentially target used based on the keywords that they use in their wall posts and status updates. This move might rekindle the debate that was brought about over privacy that has plagued Facebook for many years. This format will be called as “related adverts” and is specifically designed to provide advertisers with a far more targeted audience by offering those products and services that are based on a user’s activities and thoughts.

The move is the latest made by the social network to leverage on its users’ personal data and use it for advertising purposes. In January, Facebook rolled out the “sponsored stories” section that enables brands to attach themselves to a user’s status update, click on “likes” on a homepage and place check-ins as well.

Supporters of this new move say that advertisers could especially gain from presenting users with a product that they were already thinking about, making it more likely for them to buy it!