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Facebook to help with Health Care Needs

Facebook to help with Health Care Needs
Facebook is no more only about interacting with friend, updating status messages and posting photos. Now, more and more users are taking to Facebook to gather more health information.

Statistics have shown that 41 percent of the people, who use social media, use it as a healthcare resource. Many people confess to using Facebook for the medical content contained in it right from diet plans and exercise tips to the health education videos. The information gleaned from these social networking sites does have an impact on most people’s future health decisions. Yes, many responsible citizens are now turning to social networking sites for their health care decisions, thus ensuring that many hospitals and health care providers are also ramping up their social media presence.

Patients use social media sites for a number of health care needs, including:

  • Watching health education videos.

  • Getting diet plans and exercise tips.

  • Learning about future health events.

  • Studying various diseases.

  • Health Statistics.

  • What’s more, thousands and thousands of patients are also flocking to health care agencies with social media pages because, unlike visiting traditional websites, these pages allow users to interact better with the staff and other patients. You can now watch videos of doctors giving health advice or you could read comments about the health agency right from your Facebook account!