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Social Media and Art? The next big Thing

Social Media and Art? The next big Thing
Many art shows and museums have taken to using social media to talk about art. But for many, social media is a lot more than that! Many people feel that the photos and videos shared online are works of art themselves!

The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art has recently created a work of art from anonymous Flickr photos, the 4 Guggenheim Museums recently displayed 25 YouTube video that were selected by esteemed judges, and the Volta art fair at New York exhibited videos that were uploaded to Vimeo.

Many art collectors and curators feel that the whole concept of posting on various social media sites has led to a logical reflection of art in our times. Art basically characterizes its time and explains what life is all about now. The art of today is all about the Internet and is longer about being in galleries and museums.

But for many others, the very concept of art is hazy. What after all qualifies as art? Computer and video art made by artists have found places in museums for years now. But the whole concept of photos, videos and even Twitter posting on the Internet being art can be a very controversial one.

As artists utilize social media to create their works, the role of museums and art shows could change for good, as these works can now be viewed and accessed by anyone and everyone right from their computers and mobile phones.

Such art that forms a direct link between the audience and viewers can be nothing but radical and necessary!