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Ways to attract more followers on your Social Networking site

Ways to attract more followers on your Social Networking site
Social networking can seem very complicated to most of us, especially if you’ve got nothing but an empty Facebook or Twitter page with no friends and no followers. Building a loyal following takes a tremendous amount of time, but by taking a few simple steps, you’ll see your social media presence expand faster than you can imagine. Here are a few ways to attract more followers on your social networking site:

  • Start by putting all your social media buttons and links on your website or blog. Make sure that all the Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn networks are clearly visible on your web pages with links to those pages.

  • Add all of your social media links at the end of your emails, newsletters and any kind of electronic media. Invite people to become a “Fan” on Facebook or to “Follow” you on Twitter.

  • Expand your followers through social media. Post a message on your Facebook page and invite people to follow you on Twitter. On LinkedIn, add all of your social networking links to your profile page.

  • Place your social media links on all your print materials. Add these links to your postcards, business cards, newsletter or any direct mail.

  • Write articles and blogs with great content to encourage people to share your work or respond to it. Social media helps you to interact with others and to share information. By communicating regularly with your followers, they will share your work with others and thus expand your network.
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