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Social Media plays an Important Role in the success of Organizations

Social Media plays an Important Role in the success of Organizations
Today, organizations have started to think different and have taken to social media to increase revenues. Social media contributes to millions of dollars worth of business annually. This is why many businesses have started using innovative and cutting-edge approaches to further their aims through social media.

Surveys have shown that more than two thirds of companies are now using social media to handle their day-to-day business activities, and have received some very important results that contribute to their success.

Most small businesses do not have the kind of budgets that larger corporate’s have for communications and marketing, which is why social media channels are now considered to be encouraging as far as generating value is concerned. Effectively using social networking sites, forums and blogs is a great way to increase annual sales. Such a boost can help companies expand and grow and invest in more businesses or hire more staff.

Surveys have also shown that as many as 9 out of 10 companies are now using LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Of course, having a Facebook Page or a Twitter Feed is no guarantee of success, but if used to good effect, can bring in a lot of recognition. Social media helps business to spread their message through networks and connections.