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Want to measure your Social Media ROI? Here are 5 Tools!

Want to measure your Social Media ROI? Here are 5 Tools!
Measuring your Returns on Investment from your social media campaign can be a bit difficult, what with all the real world business performance metrics failing to give accurate results.

Measuring your social media ROI is indeed very challenging; however studies have shown that nearly 65% of the companies who use social media are also using engagement data as the top metric to measure ROI. 22% of the companies on the other use product revenue to define performance.

Here are 5 tools to help you measure your social media ROI:
  1. Viralheat: This is a social media analytics tool that is enabled with Facebook, Twitter and Google Buzz and offers analysis based on sentiments to identify the moods. It helps companies to discover supporters and detractors who are talking about you. It monitors, informs and shows you which of these conversations are going viral. It also provides insights about your social media campaign.

  2. Social Networking Media ROI Calculator: This is a free tool that helps to calculate all the user’s social media efforts. It will provide you with a rough idea of cists, benefits, advertising and traffic values and PR values.

  3. Argyle Social: Lays emphasis on conversions and follows other unconventional routed to your normal “click-centric” metric. It helps users to measure and optimize their efforts and to decide which conversations they really want to achieve through social media marketing.

  4. Tweetreach: This will provide you with detailed reports on your users’ Twitter activity and will show the overall exposure, mentions, retweets, impressions and replies on a particular tweet.