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Hackers Target Social Networking Sites and Mobiles

Hackers Target Social Networking Sites and Mobiles
The biggest threat to your online activities would come from the lack of adequate security measures taken on mobile web browsers and social networking sites, and from high targeted attacks against organizations. This is a conclusion made by an Internet security threat report recently.

Today, hackers are banking on gaining trust from their colleagues and are using this to launch online attacks. The biggest online attack came in 2010 and was known as Stuxnet. It largely targeted all the industrial control systems and has been dubbed as the most sophisticated malware to ever exist. It proved that malware can even be used to disrupt any vital infrastructure, such as the water pipelines, electrical power supply grids and financial trading systems.

In 2010, targeted attacks were not only restricted to large multinational companies, but also included a number of smaller organizations as well. With smaller companies attempting to reduce the number of helpdesk calls being made, attackers are increasingly finding the opportunity to install software on their computers. This is why organizations should manage technologies that can control and manage these attacks centrally.

And with more and more people using social media for business as well as social purposes, it is important for businesses to implement security measures.