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Handling a PR Crisis through Social Media

Handling a PR Crisis through Social Media
Everybody makes mistakes. Companies, employees – everybody! Services sometimes don’t live up to expectations and products sometimes malfunction. Once the press gets an idea of your misfortunes, you’re just about done in for. The best way to maintain your reputation is through social media!

Catapult your social media team into acknowledging online that your brand is aware of the allegations being made. Talk to your audience through Facebook and Twitter and don’t just limit it to this. When a PR crisis occurs, your business is at stake. Here are a few ways to use social media to overcome bad press:

  • Let your boss do the talking: The public doesn’t want to hear from the employees in the case of a PR crisis. They want to hear from the head honcho – the big boss. So, ask your CEO or brand manager to show up in front of the masses and assume responsibility for the mistake made while at the same time offer a plan of action and a solution.

  • Use YouTube: Apart from discussing the matter with your followers on Facebook and Twitter, you should also consider making a short YouTube video. In the video, ask a high-level executive like your CEO to address the situation and explain what your company is doing to make things right. Integrate this video in all the social networking platforms and circulate it through social bookmarking sites.

  • Be Straightforward: Respect the public’s intelligence by admitting your mistake and telling them your side of the story. Be honest about your mistakes. Send out tweets, status updates and videos and demonstrate how honest and transparent you are and your followers will continue to support you.
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