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Quepasa’s record doubles with its latest social media ad campaign

Social Media Ad CampaignQuepasa Corporation, the founder and operator of is a popular social networking and gaming platform for the Latino community. Today, it announced the results of its social media advertising campaign that was sold through its reseller partner – Sony Pictures Television Ad Sales Latin America. This campaign was Quepasa’s first such campaign and has resulted in more than 13 million user engagements – which is a record-breaking success for the company.

The campaign was designed to support the launch of a new Mexican consumer product. The campaign was brought about to promote the product through a broader media than television, Internet and radio. The campaign invited people to share their entries across social profiles in order to win points and prizes. What’s more, participants could also double their points by taking part is “high value” tasks.

In just a matter of 6 weeks, the campaign generated more than 13 million engagements. The DSM technology was responsible for producing such powerful engagement numbers. By using the click-through method on a traditional ad display as a proxy for an engagement, the company managed to drive the equivalent number of clicks as that of when traditional media would buy more than 6 billion impressions. This is another good example of how social media can drive ROI for advertisers.