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Addiction Score of Social Media Networking Sites

Addiction Score of Social Media Networking Sites
A recent study on social media addiction has revealed fascinating figures. People are highly addicted to Facebook and Twitter, updating these sites from their phones all the time. The study was carried out on 1000 people asking them questions like when, where and how much time people spend on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Here are some of the results:

Nearly half of the respondents said that they check their social media scene in bed, before they go off to sleep and as soon as they wake up in the morning. 16 percent of all the social media users admit that checking these sites is how they get their morning news. Keep a check on the number and see how it expands over the next couple of years. This may also mean that news portals like Yahoo news and Google news as well as newspapers and TV channels are in grave danger.

Facebook, of course, tops the list in addiction with almost 56 per cent of users saying that they need to check Facebook at least once in a day. 12 per cent of these users say they need to check it at least once every couple of hours. This study clearly shows social media addiction of people, especially for Facebook.