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Cory Jane in Deep Trouble for Twitter Message

Cory Jane in Deep Trouble for Twitter Message
Core Jane recently had a very close call with the authorities after his latest Twitter message went wrong. The Hurricanes fullback caused a near riot with the Internet browsers when he posted a “not-so-good” description of Australian referee, Stuart Dickinson, and his performance in the Friday’s 14-9 game with the highlanders.

Apparently Jane tweeted about being extremely angry about the game and how there was one person who played worse than anyone else during the game because he never got the ball. Of course his hints were aimed against Dickinson.

Jane has since removed this tweet after Sanzar boss, Greg Peters, and Lyndon Bray, game manager, were both alerted to the tweet. And although there was no official action taken against Jane, Peters said that there was a general announcement made to the players about practicing caution when it comes to using social media. As a rule, Sanzar has said that it would take any social media messages as a public media comment, so player should be more careful. Talk about reminding us that social media is now an official statement!