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Ford embraces Social Media!

Ford embraces Social MediaFord Motor Co. openly embraces social media. In a statement that was released at the Chicago Auto Show on Wednesday, the Vice President of Ford said that the company has learned a great deal about how effectively using social media can lead to success. This strategy was recently tried out during the introduction of the new Ford Explorer.

This is great example of how companies nowadays are trying out various marketing models to achieve things that would otherwise not be possible. This new marketing strategy that Ford used for its new model has helped to rid people of the idea that Detroit is a prissy place that is not open to new ideas.

Ford decided not to use the traditional means of introducing its new model into the market. Instead of using a traditional TV ad campaign, Ford struck up a conversation with fans on Facebook. What’s more, Ford ended up having more than 140,000 fans for the new Explorer! The customer feedback from these fans helped Ford to develop the TV and print campaigns for the ultimate launch of the model.

The social media marketing efforts have helped the company think differently about its marketing strategy.