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Company provides Staff with new Social Media rules

Company provides Staff with new Social Media rules
Freedom Communications, Inc. believes in encouraging its staff and associates to participate in social media, as it believes that this can be used to generate more interest in the company’s products and services and has the capability to increase the business opportunities. However, the company also aims to ensure that these social media communications maintains integrity and brand reputation, while at the same time reduces the number of potential legal risks. All employees of the company are required to sign this new policy.

This new policy applies to all the Freedom Communications associates. The company believes that the Internet provides businesses with a large number of unique business opportunities, what with interactive discussions and shared information taking place on Facebook, Twitter, chat rooms, blogs, etc. However, allowing staff to use social media freely can also be risky for the company, as confidential information, brand reputation, etc. can be jeopardized.

To minimize these risks and to avoid loss of productivity, Freedom Communications has listed down a few rules and guidelines for employees, regarding the use of social media.