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Facebook Improves Search Capabilities

Facebook Improves Search Capabilities
In the latest news to come out of the social media market, Facebook has recently announced that it will be improving its search methodology. This move has been designed to allow users to locate the results that they are looking for easily.

Every day, the search market is literally abuzz with different kinds of activity. Greplin, for instance, is a startup that recently left Beta. All Greplin users can now conduct searches across their Facebook, Gmail, Twitter and LinkedIn connections. The search company’s primary services are to support queries in Google Docs, Google Reader and Google Calendar. It also hopes to follow tweets very soon.

Google also released a tool to battle online spam. This tool allows its Chrome users to filter out unwanted websites from their search results. With this block option, users have to simply click a button and add all the undesirable sites to a list of blocked links, and these will never appear in their search results again.

Facebook also redesigned its business-oriented pages last week. This new design eliminates the tab format, allows administrators to interact through the Facebook Page identity, highlights news based on the user’s interest instead of chronology and allows users to move photos to the top of the page. The search capabilities on Facebook are being refined to make it easier for users to find what they want.