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Disney buys Social Networking Site for Kids

Disney buys Social Networking Site for Kids
Togetherville, the social network site for kids between the ages of 6-10 is very Facebook-like. Developed by Mandeep Singh Dhillon, an Indian-origin entrepreneur, the site was recently bought by Walt Disney for an undisclosed amount. According to the agreement, Togetherville will now solely be owned by Disney. However, Disney did not disclose the financial figures of the deal.

Mr. Dhillon first launched the kiddy-version of Facebook last year, and termed it as a safe online community where kids could go play, learn things and mingle with friend under, of course, parental supervision. Excited over this acquisition, Dhillon has called Disney as “one of the most amazing family brands on Earth”.

This deal is the latest acquisition by Walt Disney, which is now looking to invest more time and money on social media and mobile companies, and less time in creating console-based video games. The free site allows children to connect with friends in something akin to a virtual neighborhood. However, the site required for adults to log in through their existing Facebook accounts, and requires them to build their kids’ networks through their Facebook accounts. The children’s profile pages will be closed to outsiders, unless approved by parents. In this way, no one unknown to child can ever interact with him or her.

The site is extremely focused on building a real online experience that kids can enjoy under the supervision of their parents, making it extremely safe.