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The Power of the Social Media Revolution

The Power of the Social Media Revolution
The latest unrest in the Middle East has once again revived a long since dead discussions – the power of social media. With recent headlines talking all about the Facebook and Twitter Revolution, critics have responded by saying that the influence of social media is highly exaggerated. Social media according to them, enables fast coordination but not the essential resolve that is required to sustain a movement.

And although Facebook cannot really replace activism, it has actually played a big role in the unrest taking place in Egypt. In Egypt, very few dared to speak out about the President’s illegitimacy. Not until Facebook came into the picture that is.

Social networking gives activists a tool for faster coordination and it reveals important information with regarding peer preferences. It provides demonstrators with a platform that tells them that they are not alone. Twitter also plays a big role. President Barack Obama’s campaign was slated to be the first great social media campaign. Social networks are good for getting people to take those small first steps. From pledges to donations, social networks can help. But will they help to start a national revolution?