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Facebook’s “Pop Up” Store: The Latest Social Media Trend

Facebook’s “Pop Up” StoreRoots Canada is a major Canadian retailer that has recently started using Facebook’s “pop up” store feature to preview its current spring collection. Today, there are more and more retailers and businesses that are taking to social media to promote their products and services.

This web-based store was first launched on Tuesday, and is similar to any other pop up store in the real world. It has a small, temporary site that offers a limited selection of products to increase brand awareness.

By using Facebook to launch their digital store, Roots has instant access to millions of Canadians who are already signed up with Facebook to connect with friends across the globe. Tanja Zelko, the manager of online marketing and customer experience at Roots has said that if you are already signed up with Facebook and spend many hours browsing and connecting with people, then you no longer need to leave the site in order to shop.

Although it is very difficult to measure the value of social media, there are still hundreds of thousands of retailers who are hopping on to the social media bandwagon and are signing up with Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to connect with potential customers. Even some of the larger and more traditional retailers have started to experiment with social media by inviting customers to address complaints and write product reviews.

Social media is definitely a big hit, what with thousands of people with disposable incomes taking to sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Social media is indeed very valuable when it comes to advertising your business.

However, one of the biggest challenged faced by companies that are using social networking sites is the measurement of ROI. And although there many free tools online that allow businesses to track the number of people visiting their site, it is indeed very hard to tell whether these visits were translated into higher sales.