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Facebook promotes Social Media Advertising

Facebook promotes Social Media Advertising
Social networking sites have become extremely popular and are the sole cause for the steadily increasing share of users who spend money on advertising online. eMarketer has recently sent out a report that shows that of the $69 billion that marketers spend on advertising, 8.7% of this will be spent on online advertising. This figure is expected to rise to 10.2% by 2012.

This rise in popularity has of course been attributed to Facebook. It is said that by the end of 2012, more than half of the spending will take place in countries outside the United States, which is where most of the social media market campaigns are concentrated. Facebook is expected to have global ad revenues of $4 billion, while Twitter is expected to attract $150 million. So, Facebook will receive nearly 70% of all the social media ad revenues worldwide.

Reports have shown that marketers today are taking towards integrating social media in their overall platforms. Advertising in social networking sites is becoming a more popular and logical option. In some of the emerging markets, mobiles are the primary way in which user’s access social networks. This means that apart from the rise in popularity of mobile advertising, ads are also going to be integrated in the mobile versions.