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The Third Annual Social Media Week

Annual Social Media WeekYesterday, the 7th of Feb, marked the third annual social media week. In 9 cities across the globe, there are more than 500 different events planned to help companies, organizations and individuals make the most of social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Nokia is the lead sponsor for this event.

But what is Social Media Week all about? And how does Nokia play a role in it?

Social Media Week is basically a global series of seminars, conferences, workshops and even networking events that all focus on social media. With more than 500 registered events in New York, San Francisco, Sao Paulo, Toronto, London, Paris, Rome, Istanbul and Hong Kong, this event is all about connecting people. And since “Connecting People” is officially Nokia’s slogan, it makes sense for this brand to promote the use of social media.

But above all, Nokia has witnessed a lot of changes in the last few years. Today, consumers demand for closer interaction with the brands they choose. What’s more, consumers have also changed their attitudes with regards to the kind of information they want. Consumers no longer want to reply on traditional print media; they want to connect directly with brands through social media networks.